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about us

We are a small, homemade kennel located in Bialystok, where the most important thing is the welfare and quality of life of the dog. Australian Shepherds are our life's passion and whole heart. We are lucky to be able to work professionally also at home and spend time with our dogs. We run a kennel and participate in the most important cynological world events. 

Our kennel is officially registered with the Kennel Club of Poland (ZKwP), which belongs to the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI). Parents are genetically and clinically tested for diseases found in the breed. Each puppy will receive: a layette in the form of food and supplements, a certificate authorizing the receipt of a pedigree, a health book with vaccinations and deworming according to age, and the result of a clinical eye examination.

Our goal is to breed wonderful family dogs, easy to live together with excellent health and breed type. We work on success with our whole family and together with friends with whom we have dogs on a co-ownership basis. I am a biomedical engineer and FED programmer, while my husband is a roboticist. We also use our scientific minds and our knowledge and love of biology in breeding. Puppies from our home are versatile, successful in dog shows, willing to work with children, around sheep and amateurly train dog sports, i.e. frisbee, agility, nosework. Our idealistic vision of the Australian Shepherd is an intelligent dog eager to work with good health, human-oriented and pleasant to live with. 

Each litter we breed is carefully planned with the idea of keeping something for ourselves as well, so that we can contribute as much as possible to this wonderful breed. Puppies are socialized and raised in close proximity to humans. They are no strangers to the sounds of everyday life, the vacuum cleaner, baths, the dryer, car rides, children and other animals. Based on careful observation, we determine the temperament and predispositions of each little one. We strive to make it easy for future owners to choose the right puppy for their lifestyle. We remain available and have contact with each owner of a toddler, we provide advice and assistance at any time of your life together. Each puppy has its own photo gallery and description on our Facebook page. We do not sell puppies to large mass profit-oriented kennels or "to the pen". The kittens are secured with a proper contract to prevent irresponsible breeding and mistreatment of the pet. We are looking for true breed enthusiasts and loving families. People who want to take an active part in show life, sports, towards dog therapy and other activities are welcome. But most of all, we appreciate good people who love dogs and are able to give them a piece of the couch and their hearts.

Feel free to contact me, I am more than happy to talk to people involved in the breed and those who are just looking for information about the aussie at any time.
tel: +48 695 050 199